Thursday, April 8, 2010

Part Two - Day 3 April 5th :Dubai Fashion Week A/W 2010

Contessa Haute Couture
By Aly Fawaz

My Question to Aly Farwaz: What is your favorite type of design esthetic?

Answer: My favorite type of designv tecnique is draping. This season I used mostly colors in black and beige. I decided to use velvet for draping creating colorful geometrical and symmetrical shapes. I love draping because it is beautiful, and it actually allows for great air flow through the garments.

Si Fashion Galerie Presents
Sa Soie Haute Couture

My Question to Si Fashion: Who is responsible for the incredible Sa Soie collection?

Answer: The Sa Soie collection was headed by Lebanese designer, Noha Karam. Designed for women, the Sa Soie Ready-to wear line was created by a collaboration of haute couture designers, who make wedding gowns and high-end evening wear.

Salma Khan

My question to Salma Khan? Do you feel that this seasons collection can be worn by any women regardless of shape and size?

Answer: The answer to your question is, yes! My clothes strongly emphasizes the body figure, however all designs are made to fit our client respectably, not only to their figure, but also taking in mind colors that enhance their skin color and picking designs that’s best for the season.

JYK Fahion House

My question to JYK: With all the fashion houses and boutiques in Dubai, why did you decided to open your fashion house?

Answer: We felt that JYK could add to the fashion world of Dubai by offering broader range Asian/Pakistani women’s and men’s wear, along with western formals and casuals brands as well. We feature local designers and new designers, launching their line for the first time. We are honored to have cricketer turned “fashion designer”, Shahid Afridi, present his men’s collection for the first time in the Gulf area during A/W 2010 Fashion Week.

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