Sunday, April 18, 2010

Something for the Fellas! Local Designer Series 1: Featuring Naz Cannon of Dubai


This young budding local UAE designer is on his way to big things in the fashion industry! Naz Cannon, as he likes to be called, is definitely a talent to be reckoned with. His innovative clothes reach the heights of many of the men's fashion designers of today. Just take a look at his creative men's S/S collection below. Naz's inspiration for this collection was taken from the cultures of Japan, Korea and Europe.  This trendy couture collection is definitely made for a man who loves high quality clothing.

In keeping with the trends of today, Naz created this perfectly tailored military like shirt.
The color is spot on for the season. LOVING IT!
This beautifully constructed modern day cow-neck top is masculine enough for
any man to wear.
The neck line on the tee shirt is brilliant, giving it an edgy appeal, and the vest gives
 honor to a classic design with a contemporary twist!
Look at the cut of this vest! What a spectacular way to integrating Asian style
into a vest design and make it look ultra chic.
I love the draping on this top. It reminds me of a Roman toga, hence the European
influence from Naz's inspiration.
AMAZING! Both the shirt and the blazer are fabulous! I love the tailoring on the blazer.
I don't care if this is meant to be made for men...I want it all!

There is no doubt that The UAE/Middle East has very talented artist and fashion designers in the mist. Unfortunately, most of them are unknown and do not get the attention that they deserve. Naz Cannon is just one of many designers in this region who are exceptional at what they do. Congratulations to Naz Cannon for being the first of many to be chosen as one of Dubai's It Girls featured designers.
Thank you for sharing your fantastic collection with us!

Naz Cannon Fashion is available in limited quantities. For orders or more information about this collection, please visit the Naz-Cannon Facebook Group, or you can visit his website at
What do thing of Naz Cannon's collection. 
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Nia B
Dubai's It Girl


D W JazzLover said...

Love the Shirts...First new thing I have seen in a long time...where are they avaiable..Opps I found it.
Thanks Nia

RAL said...

Nia! That fourth vest is amazing! I'm literally at a lost for words..

Kendra said...

I always love your posts, i hope you get time to check out mine also :)

ladydesign said...

It reminds me of kpop style which is the trend that all new generation are seeking for to get it

am glad someone did it, the finishing are really good
he's talented

Thanks for the post I really liked it

Anonymous said...

As its for fellas, thankz.
I luv this post because, i recently did a post on a designer i stumbled upon and in my writing, i say 'the ladies get all the good designs' and to an extent, after seeing this designer, i must say, we the MEN have good designs to look forward too.

The 6th shirt is really interesting and i must agree with Ral aka Rhesa, that the fourth is speechless. But overall, i love...just have to google about him for more. A friend is studying fashion design in the uk and she recently switched over to menswear and i told her, we need unique. So, gonna link her with his post.

Phuong said...

nice items!

Souha said...

I'm in loveeee...
knowing NAZ and knowing his passion, i would have never expected anything less... the designs are magical and very well done! This is your chance boys to look nice and trendy, hurry up and buy now!
NAZ, wish you the best!

Shaikha said...

very original n unique <3
would love to own one just for the sake of it. brilliant works guys, keep it coming.