Wednesday, March 31, 2010

VIVA Beauty Awards 2010


My Personal Invitation

Yes ladies and gents, It's that time of year again! VIVA magazine, in association with FACES, is conducting their survey to find out which brands of beauty products will come be voted the Best of the Best. This year "YOU" get to be the judge.

If you live in UAE, you better hurry fast to cast your vote for your favorite beauty products. Time is running out!

I will be post photos of the event after April 6th, 2010.  So look out for that!

Nia B
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Something you don't wanna miss!

Yes! is having a 1st birthday party and everyone's invited!

Everything for £1 for one special day only!!!

Clockwise from top: Biker jacket by Celine, original price £1,894; Bracelet by Kenneth Jay Lane, original price £275; Mini dress by Stella McCartney, original price £3,450; Clutch by Devi Kroell, original price £1,493; Shoes by Giuseppe Zanotti, original price £441.

Clockwise from top: Jacket by Donna Karan, original price £1,135; Heart earrings by Bijoux, original price £190; Dress by Rachel Roy, original price £818; Clutch by Donna Karan, original price £1,610; Sandals by Oscar de la Renta, original price £505.
Clockwise from top: Top by Celine, original price £382; Bracelet by Missoni, original price £436; Shorts by Chloé, original price £314; Bag by Chloé, original price £994; Shoes by Alberta Ferretti, original price £530.

Click on the photos above  or on the sidebar advertisment to be taken to The OUTnet site!

To celebrate their 1st birthday, the most fashionable fashion outlet will host a one-day designer sale - all items will be at the giveaway price of £1. There's a limit of one item per guest, but be quick - items will go fast and it's first come, first served.

This once-in-a-lifetime event will take place on Friday April 16th - their official birthday - and you'll only be able to access the sale on the day via a secret link sent by email.

You have to RSVP to enter our birthday pop-up sale. The RSVP list opened on March 29th and will close April 11th. Even if you've already registered for an account at theOutnet, you'll still need to RSVP.

IMPORTANT: Not registered yet? In order to RSVP, you'll need to sign up with a password and register for an account. After that, go back and RSVP. That's it!

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Monday, March 29, 2010

This is not my Granny's Knit Sweater

These are out of this world! Take a look at today's unbelievable knit wear.

Okay, for some reason I have become obsessed with knits. I know that Autumn/Winter
 clothes are the last thing on most of the world’s mind (in some place winter hasn’t gone yet), but I think some of the best designs come out to the A/W fashion season every year. There is no question that I love spring weather and summer clothes, but I just adore wearing a lovely wool coat, or a soft scarf around my neck…don’t you?

This collection of sweater, dresses and scarves is called “Narcissism is calling”, by Danish designer, Stine Ladefoged. These postmodern architecture inspired knits are not your typical granny sweaters. The intentions of these woven designs are made for the individual who yearns to be the centre of attention. If anyone ever has the honor of wearing one of Stine Ladefoged’s A/W 2010 creations, they would not just be the center of attention…they would captivate the attention of the universe! Stunning!

Nia B
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Sunday, March 28, 2010

OMGosh...So Much To Tell You!

OMGosh…I have so much to tell you!
First of all, today has been a ridiculously busy day! Between responding
back to emails, replying to request, blogging, getting my looks together for Dubai
Fashion Week, attending events, shopping, blogging, and creating a site
for my new”Dubai’s it Girl” Shop…I have had no time to eat, rest or play!
And boy…do I have news for you!!!
Let’s start with my fashion buys of the day: I found these killer thigh high black
boots at Forever 21 for such a great price. Luckily, I found them the day they
arrived…and good thing because the boots where half gone by the time I made
it to the register.

The Italian brand, Ice Watch, launched its line of fabulous watches this past week.
I want one in every color, but for now I’ll start with pink! Dubaians can find these
chic time tickers at the New City Center, in Mirdif.

The Ice Watch comes in colorful innovative designed boxes, which functions as a
piggy bank (once the watch is taken out) to save money for the next watch purchase.
How cool is that!

This vintage looking sheer dress was also purchased at Forever 21, but don’t get
used to the way it looks now because I have big plans to alter this little black dress.
Stay tuned!

I usually don’t post about the things I wear under my clothes, but I had to show you
this lacey bra and panty set that I could not pass up! I bought this very feminine
ensemble from a boutique called Bendon Lingerie. Sorry fellas... photos of me 
wearing this are not permitted! lol

The Dubai’s It Girl Shop is launching in a few days! Get ready to shop!

Here is a sneak peek of two of the dresses I will be selling. Cute, right?!
These are the hanging mannequins that I use to take the photos of my clothes in.
I just thought this was a really cool picture, so I wanted to share it with you.

There is so much more to tell you, but I will end the post with this: Yours truly
is the official spokes-blogger for MTV’s international show “MY SUPER SWEET” in
Dubai! Yes ladies and Gents…My Super Sweet Sixteen’s (up to age 21) producers
 are looking for candidates in the UAE, who what their special over the top birthday
party to be on National TV─or even better, MTV-UK ! How exciting it that?!
I will post more about this soon, but for's time to take a much
needed blogger break!
Information is as follows:
Please email for an application form.

Until tomorrow...
Nia B
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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Crouching Tiger Samurai Knits: Alternative Paris Fashion Week

I want this skirt so bad!!!
Nothing is more chic and comfortable than an over sized sweater.
Wow...these tights are so fabulous!  Adding them to my wish list.
Grey is the staple color for Fall/Winter 2010.
Photographer: Sean Collymore
Stylist: Claudia Behnke
Styling Assistance: Irene Manicone and Tanya Gohil
Make-up and Hair: Elizabeth Hsieh
Model: Gana@Profile

During Paris Fashion Week, I had the pleasure of attending knitwear designer Laura Theiss's showcase, featuring her brand new collection inspired by samurai girls at the On Off Showroom. Unfortunately, I did not have a camera or a photographer at the time of the event, but luckily for me I found these great photos of Laura Theiss beautiful creations.

The Knit work is amazing and very colorful! I think these photos show the fabulousness of it all, and look at the incredible make-up job on the models. Theses photographs are dynamic and truly capture the spirit of a samurai girl. I think I better start taking some Kendo lessons, quick! lol

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Nia B

A Fabulous Way to Help Haiti

Victoria Beckham lamé dress
(Click on the NET-A-PORTER banner at the top of blog)

Marc Jabobs Shift Dress                                   Lanvin Shift Dress
(Click on the NET-A-PORTER banner at the top of blog)

Guilty Brotherhood diamond-panel dress  and  Sonia Rykiel sequined harem pants
(Click on the NET-A-PORTER banner at the top of blog)

Igor Chapurin suede ankle boots   and    Roger Viver Biriba sandals
(Click on the NET-A-PORTER banner at the top of blog)

NET-A-PORTER has teamed up with Super Model Naomi Campbell to help raise money for Haitian mothers and children. Fashion for Relief held two fashion runway shows, one on London and the other in New York, to aid The White Ribbon Alliance, which is a charity that seeks to protect the health and rights of women around the world. Celebrities and designers took part in this event by walking the runway themselves in clothing donated by the participants for Naomi’s cause.

I actually posted something about this a few weeks ago, with video of the actual fashion show. This was a great idea and now my favorite online shop has joined forces to help raise money to aid Haiti. There are only a few items left, and I put some of the clothing on this post for you to see.

To purchase, just click on the NET-A-PORTER banner at the top of my blog and start shopping for a cause! Not only will you get some fabulous designer clothing, but your money will be helping someone in need as well. What a “win-win” situation! xoxo

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Nia B


...These wedges are simply to die for! I have them on order now. 
 I hope they get here before Dubai Fashion Week.

Suede is soooo in right now, and these pleated sandal boots are super dooper sexy!

If you want a boot that is chic and modern, then these babies are for you.
I love them in the Carmel brown color, don't you?
Thank God platforms are still in! I love them because you can be comfortable
 and fashionable at the same time. Look at the detail in the!

For all you “pump” girls, here is the perfect pair of shoes that are trendy-licious!
The woven pattern of leather and suede take the art of foot wear to a level
of top style couture. Love them!

I just bought some sweet little spring dresses that will look fabulous with these flats.
The straps are just the added touch to make these shoes stand out.

Julia Lundsten collaborated with Label Basso & Brooke
for their RTW S/S 2010 runway show.

So, while I was searching the web, as usual, look for something new to blog about, I came across these fabulous shoes that caught my eye. The creator is a Finnish born designer by the name of Julia Lundsten. She has made a name for herself as one of the most promising shoe designers of the moment.

The FINSK label was launched in 2004, and has won the prestigious Manolo Blahnik award two years running. This season FINSK continues their collaboration with high street chain Faith be designing range of cutting edge shoes for Faith Solo.
I can not wait to see her new designs for the fall season. I know they will be spectacular! Love, Love, Love!

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Nia B

The Starlet of Glamour: The INGIE PARIS Woman

OMGosh, I could not believe my eyes when I saw these exquisite gowns and dresses! Glamourous, flamboyant, electrifying, dynamic are only a few words to describe these sparkly haute couture creations by INGIE PARIS. And now ladies…they are here in Dubai!

I absolutely adore all of them and the colors are so alluring. INGIE would be the perfect choice to wear to the Dubai World Cup on March 27, 2010. Only a woman of true class can pull these gowns off because “when an INGIE woman walks into a room, she knows all eyes will be upon her,
and when we look at her... we dream!” xoxo

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Nia B

Rainbow Runway

Jeneil Williams: Representing Jamaica

Chanel Iman: Representing Black America and Korea

Hind Sahli: Represnting Morocco

Lais Ribeiro: Representing Brazil

Liu Wen: Representing China

Charlene Almvarez: Representing the Philippines

Rose Cordero: Representing the Domenican Republic

Shu Pei Qin: Representing China

Ming Xi: Representing China

Loan Smalls: Representing Black American and Puerto Rico

Ayan: Representing Somalia and Dubai

This is a new day, and I am happy to report that the 2010 A/W Women's RTW Fashion Week runways around the world displayed more ethnic diversity than ever before! I’m not saying that there is racism involved within the modeling industry, but I do think that all women are beautiful and that needs to be translated on the runways. With economies growing in places like Africa, China and South America, the face of fashion needs to reflect the women who are buying high end designs.

In the past, European models dominated the runways. Don’t get me wrong, these women are beautiful, but it is nice to know that the fashion industry is taking notice and realizing that unique and extraordinary faces don’t just come from Europe! I just hope that the next step will be to see more women of color in fashion editorials and cosmetics campaigns. Anything is possible because it’s Obama time…time for change!

What are your thoughts on this subject? Share your comments with Dubai's It Girl, and don't forget to "Tell'm I told you!"

Nia B