Thursday, March 25, 2010

Crouching Tiger Samurai Knits: Alternative Paris Fashion Week

I want this skirt so bad!!!
Nothing is more chic and comfortable than an over sized sweater.
Wow...these tights are so fabulous!  Adding them to my wish list.
Grey is the staple color for Fall/Winter 2010.
Photographer: Sean Collymore
Stylist: Claudia Behnke
Styling Assistance: Irene Manicone and Tanya Gohil
Make-up and Hair: Elizabeth Hsieh
Model: Gana@Profile

During Paris Fashion Week, I had the pleasure of attending knitwear designer Laura Theiss's showcase, featuring her brand new collection inspired by samurai girls at the On Off Showroom. Unfortunately, I did not have a camera or a photographer at the time of the event, but luckily for me I found these great photos of Laura Theiss beautiful creations.

The Knit work is amazing and very colorful! I think these photos show the fabulousness of it all, and look at the incredible make-up job on the models. Theses photographs are dynamic and truly capture the spirit of a samurai girl. I think I better start taking some Kendo lessons, quick! lol

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Nia B


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Great post! Looove the oversized sweater. Want one badly myself.

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