Saturday, March 6, 2010

Damir Doma - Paris Fashion Week A/W 2010-2011 with Nia B - Day 2

Photo by Giovanni Giannoni

This was my first Paris runway show ever! I was so excited to have been invited to the Damir Doma show. The guests were stylish and unique, so I figured from the looks of the crowd, that the Damir event would be the same.

The opening of the show was a bit creepy, I must admit. As the strange haunting music began to play, the models began walking down the runway like they were in a trance. Their make-up was muted, the skin was dewy and pale, and the eye shadow was slightly smoky, making them appear sinister and angelic at the same time.

At first, while witnessing this unusual stage production, all I could do was think about the movie called, “Children of The Corn!” lol However, after getting over the initial scare of the beginnings, I was able to look past the darkness and see the work that went into making these unique cloths. The minimalist design, which loosely draped over the silhouettes of each model, was absolutely incredible. The mix of woven knits, sheers fabrics and cotton blends in black and shades of grays complemented the designer’s edgy garments, as well as gave the collection an over all conservative feel.

Used as an accessory, the hats worn by the models were a pleasant surprise. Each one made a strong statement of individuality, while the rest of the stylish esthetic had a clear order attached to it. As simple as these designs may have looked at first, each piece was artistically created with brilliance and incredible tailoring!

Thanks to Damir Doma, I have a new love for this type of fashion, which I will surely incorporate into my fall wardrobe…especially the hoddies!


Nia B

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