Thursday, April 29, 2010

Ghetto vs Gaga!

What is the Difference Between Ghetto Fashion and Gaga Fashion???...

I get so tired of people calling women of color "ghetto" if they are seen dressed in sexy lingerie, or wearing big earrings, stilettos or a fur coat! When Lady Gaga dresses like that, her style is considered avant-garde, and then she becomes a trend setter. I am not putting the Gaga stylists down, but there really is no difference between so called “Ghetto” fashion and “Gaga” fashion, except of course the designer label and the price tag! Sexy clothing is sexy clothing no matter what female race or color is wearing it. If the woman is beautiful, what does it matter what color she is? People rave about the Victoria Secret Runway Show every year, yet no one calls the models slutty, trashy or ghetto…right?!

Snap Shots from the "Bedrock Remix" Video Ft. Rasheeda, Toya, Kandi, "Lola Monroe", & Diamond out of ATL.
Above: I love her hair in this shot, and that eyepatch is crazy!
Cute sexy body suits are the rave this season.  I love the little pocket on the shorts.
I choose this shot because I love the updo hair style, and her make-up is beautiful!
Lace stocking haven't gone out of style yet ladies!
I had to put this photo on my post because these sunglasses are crazy cool! 
If you happen to know who the designer is, please let us know!
I've seen Fashion Toast blogger, Rumi, wearing garter belts as an accessory several times
in her photo post. I think they are the newest trend in accessory wear.
Below:"Bedrock Remix" Video Ft. Rasheeda, Toya, Kandi, "Lola Monroe", & Diamond

Anyway, even though I am not a huge fan of the song, the video has some humor in it, and the ATL Queens of Hip Hop and R&B in this video production are gorgeous and fashion fierce! That is my opinion and I’m sticking to it. Bounce!
I would really like to know your opinion on the subject. Is fashion color blind? Answer this question by leaving me a comment and don’t forget to
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Nia B
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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Denim Diaries: My comforts Zone

The Denim Diaries Unedited
I have decided to take a different approach to blogging, and write with a more personal touch about my thoughts concerning what ever comes to mind. For example, this week has been pretty blazay, and when I fee like that, all I want to do is put on a pair of jeans, a tee shirt, sit back and watch a funny movie to make me laugh. No matter what, I can always depend on denim to make me feel comfortable and relaxed. I guess some designers have figured out that denim will be the fabric of choice until the end of fashion time, so they too have included some designs that are wearable, comfortable and sometimes fashionable. Take a look!

Marni/Current Elliott 2010
This cool look was created by Marni in collaboration with Current Elliott. I love the
graphic tee, with the loss rolled-up jeans and clogs. Perfect!

Bebe/Kardashian Fall RTW 2010
The Bebe/Kardashian jeans are beautifully tailored. I can go from school,
work or to a night out on the town with this look.

Hermès SS RTW 2010
Sexy denim shorts are a recurring trend for the season. I know
I can rock these ALL the way out!

Jil Sander RTW FW 2010
For more of a modern design in denim, I choose this smoke’in jacket, by Jil Sander,
as my favorite must have for the fall.

Proenza Schouler RTW FW 2010
The rocker chick look can sometimes appear too costumey, but not this Proenza Schouler
outfit! The jeans say it all and look at those boots…to die for! HOT!

Ralph Lauren Spring 2010 RTW
This Bonny and Clyde outfit is not really my favorite denim look by Ralph Lauren,
 but if each piece was worn separately (mixed and matched with other clothing items)
I think the jeans and the blazer would look fabulous! I do love the hat.

Hermès SS RTW 2010
Loving the shorts, the leather jacket, the graphic blouse and the sandals.
Tre Magnificque!

Ralph Lauren Spring 2010 RTW
Sorry Ralph...I know these might be very comfortable, but unless I was gardening
or working on a car engine...I wouldn't be caught alive in these raggedy denim overalls! They tried to make these fashionable in the 80's, and it still was a mess, even then. To each's own.
On a positive note...the blouse is ultra cute!

So, there you have it! Love it or leave it, these are my thoughts, and I'm stick'in to them!
What are your thoughts on this matter?  What denim clothing item can't you live with out?

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Nia B
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Sunday, April 25, 2010

DSquared2 in Dubai!

Dean and Dan Do Dubai!

Canadian Twin Designers Dean and Dan Caten visit Dubai to celebrate
the opening of their very first mono brand store in The Dubai Mall.
2010 Champaign Photo


These days, my life has not been as exciting as usual (due to schoolwork and preparing for finals), and what I’m about to tell you just made things worse. You won’t believe this, but today I missed meeting Dean and Dan, of DSquared2 at Dubai Mall. They actually were walking around Dubai Mall waiting for people to find them. And get this…any two people that found them received free gift bags from the awesome twosome personally! How lucky was that?! Oh well, maybe next time. You can’t win them all. Let’s look on the bright side…at least I can go at their boutique and obsess over their collection when I get back to Dubai.

Take a look at their S/S 2010 collection above. If you ever in Dubai Mall, be sure you visit the new DSquared2 store. If you get their before I do, do me a favor and keep the clothes warm for me. lol

DeanandDan, youtube:
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Nia B
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Friday, April 23, 2010

How Low Can You Go!

S/S 2010 Heel Trend

Goodness knows that I love my stilettos and platform wedges, but this spring and summer 2010 season, it’s time to take it down a few inches in the shoe department. It’s probable better for our health anyway ladies!

Trying to find an attractive midsize heel was not as easy as I thought. After hours of searching on the
web for a perfect pair of low to mid heels, I finally came to the conclusion that my goal was just to find any mid heel shoe that doesn’t look like it belongs to my grandmother. I did manage to find a few that I liked.
Here are several selections that I came across as being really cute and fashionable. Take a look
and give me your honest opinions please.

Most of these shoes can be found on NET-A-PORTER.

1. Marc Jacobs Mini Wedge Sandals
2. Missoni Wooded and Canvas Kitten Heels
3. Miu Miu Whipsnake Kitten Heels
4. Christian Louboutin Shawnita Mid Heels
5. Jimmy Choo S/S 2010
6. Givenchy S/S 2010
7. Chloe Emmy Calfskin and Canvas Sandal
8. Pedro Garcia Debbie Ponyskin Sandal

It is always sweet to read your comments. 
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Nia B
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Thursday, April 22, 2010

No Copycats Here! Designer OSMAN YOUSEFZADA

"The White Collection"

If you haven't been keeping updated on the world's fashion gossip as of late, you might be interested to know that the "Posh" herself, Victoria Beckham, has allegedly copied  one of Britain’s top Designers, Osman Yousefzada's  column dress design, labeling it her own creation. To make matters even more suspicious, it is reported that Mrs. Beckham borrowed the gown from the designer's atelier last year, later returning it without purchase. Shame on Victoria, if she is guilty of being a copycat!

Being the cavalier designer that he is, Osman did not make a fuss over the accusations that a celebrity designer had copied a piece from his collection. In fact, he did just the opposite! In an interview with, he mentioned that despite what all the people are telling him about the similarities, he is flattered that the former Spice Girl might have been inspired by one of his pieces. What a nice guy…right?

So why is all of this news important to me? Well, it just so happened that the very next day, after all of the allegations broke out in the tabloids, the young British designer’s PR Company delivered a CD with his S/S 2010 collection to my doorstep! How ironic was that? Needless to say, how excited I was when I viewed this incredible collection on my laptop. The Osman Spring/Summer White Collection is FAB-U-LOUS! If you don’t believe me, take a look for yourselves.
British born Osman Yousefzada, was making clothes from a young age. His mother ran a couture dress making business in Birmingham, and this is where Osman cemented his love for cloth and its workmanship.
Osman, in a short space of time, has already created a distinctive and confident signature for his label. By combining innovative cutting with masterful drapery he crafts desirable timeless garments in the most luxurious fabrics
In 2007, Osman was nominated for the annual Designs of the Year award at the Design Museum, which features the best 100 designs internationally, selected from all design disciplines.
Osman’s mainline is sold internationally with 25 stockists worldwide, including Browns, Selfridges, Harvey Nichols in the UK, Fred Segal in the US, Podium in Russia, S*uce in Dubai, 4 Kuwait in Kuwait, J Boutique in Bahrain, Mahat Boutique and Amna Group in Saudi Arabia and Aishti in Lebanon.
Celebrity fans include Thandie Newton, Mary Kate-Olsen, Charlize Theron, Kerry Washington, Jemima Khan, Lily Cole, Kate Moss, Alice Delall, Anna Friel, Camilla Rutherford, Danni Minogue and Alek Wek.
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Riddle: What do DIA and Desert Fish have in common?

The Answer is....Dubai's It Girl, Nia B...That's Me!

Model in photo above: Yours Truly, Nia B-Dubai's It Girl

This has been an amazing week for me! You wont believe it, but I was asked to be a regular contributing blogger for DIA East of Fashion Online Magazine (, which is an online lifestyle magazine geared towards all that is fashion, design, art and culture coming out of the Middle East. How exciting is that! I am so honored, and I want to thank Alex Aubry (Editor at Large for DIA) for allowing me to become part of the DIA Magazine team.

More about DIA Magazine below:

Dia Magazine is a borderless urban guide to a region that is not defined by geography as much at is by a collective desire to broaden the frontiers of contemporary fashion, design and art. Through the eyes of independent and creative fashion and design personalities, we give insight into their underground world. From practical tips on where to eat and what to wear, to current developments in the art and design scene – we aim to offer our readers an alternative to mainstream trends covering contemporary culture in the most exciting cities in the world.

Okay…so it gets better! I was also contacted by Desert Fish Magazine and asked to be a columnist for their publication! Am I dreaming or what?! I am only 18 years old, and I never imagined that I would receive these type of opportunities due to my blog and my obsession with fashion! Go figure! I just goes to show you, that you can enjoy working on something that your passionate about an actually be happy doing what you love. So, to all you bloggers out there…listen up─you keep on blogging and sharing your passions with the world because someone “is” listening to YOU!

More about Desert Fish Below:


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