Saturday, April 10, 2010

Front Row on Last Day of Dubai Fashion Week 2010 Autumn/Winter

Amber Feroz
What sets this outfit apart if the triagular pockets in red.
I love the cut of the shirt and the pants are rock'in!
This design is dark and lovely...and the draping is fab!

My question to Amber Feroz: Can you tell ua a little about your background in fashion?

Answer: Sure. I graduated from the Instituto di Moda Burgo in Milan, Italy. I interned for Armani Prive and Atelier Malhaas. I guess you can consider me as an avant-garde designer with inherent sensitivity to eastern attire. I am also the founder of two distinct labels─Miss Elegant and Amber Feroz.

Manzar and Hirsch
This dress is so stunning and look at the matching embellished shoes! WOW!
The color fading material and the embroidery detail of this gown is simply gorgeous.
For the record...this is going to be my wedding gown, if and when I ever get married.

 My question to Manzar and Hirsch: Do you have plan on taking your fashion line to the international market?

Answer: We actually are already reaching the international market. We have clients in Hong Kong, London, and India of course. Our line is not as big as other fashion houses like Valentino or Chanel; however we do have plans to extend our brand in the future. For now, we are satisfied designing for our private clients, which allows us to be more creative with our custom designs.

Z for Z
I am always amazed at his ability to make dresses that fit a woman's body perfectly.
Look at the side cuts on this brilliant yellow gown...esquisite!
The color of this dress is amazing, and I love how it moves down the runway.

My question to Z for Z: Your collection was vibrant with color. Can you explain to us the reasoning behind your color choices?

Answer: The theme of my collection is “Color Therapy”. The fusion of colors in the entire line gives positive energy, changes moods and the geometric shapes give harmony. I based my color selection on the chakra chart, to which colors, such as blue, green, yellow orange and red draw energy to keep the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical health of the body in balance.

This bohemian look is so chic. I am digging the vest over the dress.
Look at all the cloth bracelets on her arms! The combination of cotton prints and sequence
give this dress a twist to design.  I love the gathering at the bottom of the checkered pants.
I ordered this dress as soon as I laid eyes on it, and I can't wait to wear it in Paris in the
 spring because it's perfect!
I had to take pictures of these leather hand dyed , hand stitched wedges. 
I want them all!

My question to Sabyasachi: Your collection is very bohemian in style. How did you come up with the idea to add so many cultural elements to this line? And please tell us about those lovely wedges as well.

Answer: The cultural influences you see in my collection come from my travels to Kenya, Brazil, Paris, Italy and back to India. The story behind the collection is about a woman who puts her clothes together with collectibles. Women are no longer dressing head-to-toe in one design. Due to the recession, women are also choosing pieces as an investment. My clothing designs, I feel, will stand the test of time.

The wedges…To be honest, I have a shoe fetish. I love the construction of shoes and the beauty that can be made in designing them. The leather is hand dyed in a small village in India called, Shatinikefan. The hand knitting is done in my home town of Kalkata.

Day four of DFW A/W 2010 was amazing!  But there is one more designer to go, so stay tuned...
and dont forget to "Tell'm I told your!"
Nia B
Dubai's It Girl

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