Monday, April 5, 2010

Day 3: From the Front Row of Dubai Fashion Week A/W 2010

Dubai Fashion Week keeps geting better every day! Day 3 was a splash of fashion inspiraiton.

Homa Qamar

This abaya is elegant and fabulous!
Drapping is Homa's trademark.
The pointy padded shoulders, on this abaya, are covered with gold studs to
give it that edge of a “Lady Gaga” look.

My question to Homa: Your collection is very modern and current with today’s trends. How did you come up with these designs?

Answer: I try to keep with the international trends through researching other fashion designers, music and art. I am also inspired by the “Lady Gaga” look. Her style seems to be the rage right now, so I thought it would be creative to bring some of that trendy fashion and incorporate it into my abaya designs.


This is as close as get to New York Fasion in Dubai! I love his work.
The graphics are incredible. What a perfect blend of East meets West!
I believe Shrekahnth is the designer to watch. He is current in his designs,
and he has the distinct ability to create trends.I can’t wait to see his career
in the fashion world take off!

My question to Shrekahnth: How did you come up with the graphic concept for your fabrics.

Answer: I was totally inspired by Ibn Batutta. He is an icon in the not only the Arab world, but in Asia as well. I wanted to fuss both cultures together, so you will see traditional Asian art design mixed with Arab symbols, such as the dagger. But my signature of Middle Easter mosaic patterns and traditional motifs are still very much present.
Aanchal Chanda
This off the shoulder silk top is too sexy and cute!
I really like the separeates in this outfit.  Very wearable.
The color cminations in this dress are trendy and fun!

My question to Aanchal: When you design, do you first design for yourself, thninking about what you like?

Answer: Oh, yes! When I am planning to work on a new collection, I am always thinking about what inspires me, and then I move on toward thinking about what other women may want. I love the 80’s and the cuts and colors of this season collection can all be attributed to the 1980’s style, with a modern touch of course. I also feel that my designs are made to fit all body types.

I am not done yet! There is more to come from Day 3 of DFW!
So, keep checking back…
It will all be here before you know it!


Marina said...

I just love the color, it's original !

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First collection is my fav! x

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pretty cool

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Hi Nia B, I had to leave early and waiting with baited breath for the rest of your coverage..

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The abayas are exquisite!

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the abaya collection is stunning!