Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Denim Diaries: My comforts Zone

The Denim Diaries Unedited
I have decided to take a different approach to blogging, and write with a more personal touch about my thoughts concerning what ever comes to mind. For example, this week has been pretty blazay, and when I fee like that, all I want to do is put on a pair of jeans, a tee shirt, sit back and watch a funny movie to make me laugh. No matter what, I can always depend on denim to make me feel comfortable and relaxed. I guess some designers have figured out that denim will be the fabric of choice until the end of fashion time, so they too have included some designs that are wearable, comfortable and sometimes fashionable. Take a look!

Marni/Current Elliott 2010
This cool look was created by Marni in collaboration with Current Elliott. I love the
graphic tee, with the loss rolled-up jeans and clogs. Perfect!

Bebe/Kardashian Fall RTW 2010
The Bebe/Kardashian jeans are beautifully tailored. I can go from school,
work or to a night out on the town with this look.

Hermès SS RTW 2010
Sexy denim shorts are a recurring trend for the season. I know
I can rock these ALL the way out!

Jil Sander RTW FW 2010
For more of a modern design in denim, I choose this smoke’in jacket, by Jil Sander,
as my favorite must have for the fall.

Proenza Schouler RTW FW 2010
The rocker chick look can sometimes appear too costumey, but not this Proenza Schouler
outfit! The jeans say it all and look at those boots…to die for! HOT!

Ralph Lauren Spring 2010 RTW
This Bonny and Clyde outfit is not really my favorite denim look by Ralph Lauren,
 but if each piece was worn separately (mixed and matched with other clothing items)
I think the jeans and the blazer would look fabulous! I do love the hat.

Hermès SS RTW 2010
Loving the shorts, the leather jacket, the graphic blouse and the sandals.
Tre Magnificque!

Ralph Lauren Spring 2010 RTW
Sorry Ralph...I know these might be very comfortable, but unless I was gardening
or working on a car engine...I wouldn't be caught alive in these raggedy denim overalls! They tried to make these fashionable in the 80's, and it still was a mess, even then. To each's own.
On a positive note...the blouse is ultra cute!

So, there you have it! Love it or leave it, these are my thoughts, and I'm stick'in to them!
What are your thoughts on this matter?  What denim clothing item can't you live with out?

Hey, leave me a comment and dont forget to "Tell'm I told you!"

Nia B
Dubai's It Girl


Morgan said...

umm ya shoes are HOTT!!!

love your blog*

i would love to have you as a follower*


Encourage and Uplift said...

Great Post, I luv jeans!

Maha M said...

ooooh, i'm loving this new take on the blog, i thikn it's great to put a little bit of yourself in it.

denim item i can't live without is definitely my dark blue skinnies!

oh and thanks for the comment :)

Meho xx

T said...

Nothing is so comfortable as a pair of jeans in all their forms!

I need them to live,lol.


Serina said...


And thanks so much for the comment :)

I couldn't live without jeans! Skinny jeans definitely, I don't think they will go out of fashion for a loooong time.

Bombchell said...

omg ur shoes are beyond Hot!!! u look so cute in the pic.

My cousin made me get the boyfriend shorts, now Im thinking of getting the boyfriend jeans, not sure how to wear it though.

Front Row Mode said...

The Hermes Looks are beyond.......

those are our favorites because nothing tops Hermes.



Anastasia and Duck said...

You managed to pick out two of my favourite designers! Consuelo Castiglioni for Marni and Raf Simons for Jil Sander. LOVE.

Strangely, I just got back into denim. I haven't had a pair of jeans for about a year and a half but recently I just bought two pairs :)


Ivania santos By DIAMOND said...

Hey girl...you it's so beautiful!!!

Great blog... Lovely <3

El baúl de mi moda said...

Thanks for your comment on look 10, I love your style!!!!!

HotGirlSplendour said...

Love your heels, damn sexy.
You look great!
Keep rockin it out in Dubai honey!

the freelancer's fashionblog said...

Well you look great, really! But more like going out clubbing than sitting at home by the TV :D Glamorous all the time, right?