Monday, April 5, 2010

Dubai Fashion Week Front Row Exclusive: Day 2 - A/W 2010

Another fabulous day at Dubai Fashion week!

Jules Domani by Zeena Zaki
I love the ruffles in this dress. They are perfect!
Grey is my new favorite color, and this lovely gown flows like air.
This dress is Oscar worthy, don't you think?  Any celebrity would look
stunning in this dress!

Photos Quincy Beazer
My question to Zeena Zaki: Your designs are so beautiful and so ornate. Do you feel that you can reach the international market with your ball gowns?

Answer: Absolutely! I am 100% confident that my designs will be welcomed by the international fashion community. Right now, I have clients form all over the world… New York, London, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Lebanon, and so may other places. My designs transcend all cultural boundaries because they are made to make a woman look and feel beautiful. What woman does not want to look and feel beautiful?!

Barbara Bela
The bead work is esquisite in this golden cocktail dress.
Beautiful diagnal lines, sequence and gold silk, make this dress a show stopper!
I love this gown. It is so demure.
All photos taken by Quincy Beazer

My question to Georgiana of Barbara Bela: Your collection seemed very fresh and young this season. Who are you targeting as your clients with this collection?

Answer: We have all women in mind when we begin to design. We try to create beautiful clothes that show of the body of a woman. In Brazil, our women are sensuous and like to dress that way. Age does not make a difference.

Sequence is a signature fashion trend this A/W season.
This combination of shoulder padded blazer and acid washed jeans is the
perfect tribute to a modern take on the 1980's.
Take a look at the spikes on this helmet! COOL STUFF!
Question to ICONIC creators: Why was ICONIC created?

Answer: ICONIC was created to bring something new to the Middle East. This type of lifestyle store already exists in places like London and New York. We decided that this would be a great ground breaking venture, while introducing the region to unique and trendy designer labels. ICONIC has everything from fashion to electronics, restaurants to salons and more all under on roof.

TIA from Soraya and Ajay
This pick Langa is so incredibly delicious and sexy!
This gown is made of a material that is gives a leather look, but with sequence.
This dress reminds me of the sea.  I love the lace and crystals are stunning!

Photos by Quincy Beazer
Question for Soraya and Ajay: What type of designs do your clients come into your store to buy?

Answer: Most of our clients are looking for the latest designs. Our collection of clothes includes saris, lehengas, evening gowns and abayas.

I hope you enjoyed viewing the designer’s collection from Day 2 of DFW! Let me know what you thing by leaving me a comment and don’t forget to
“Tell’m I told you!”

Nia B
Dubai's I Gil

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