Friday, April 9, 2010

2010 A/W Dubai Fashion Week - Day 4

W-Warda Couture by
Rahil Hesan

My question to Rahil Hesan: What was your inspiration for this collection?

Answer: My inspiration was Spanish influenced. I used a lot of ruffles, feathers, and rhinestones in my garments. Metalic fabrics are still very popular, so I decided to use these materials in my design as well.

AGATHA PARIS Presents Pepper
by Uma

My question to Uma: I was told that you have named your collection. Can you tell us what it’s called and the concept behind the name?

Answer: My A/W 2010 collection is called “Rock Chick.” Women of today are very ambitious and go after what they want. Not only are women living their lives to the fullest, they are expressing themselves freely. “Rock Chick” is a woman who is strong and happy being who she is, with no apologies. The cutes are sexy and the fabrics are bold, but the line still has a soft feminine side.

Michael Cinco

My question to Michael Cinco: Why did you decided to design haute couture gowns?

Answer: I love women. I love the feminine body of a woman, and I am constantly trying to think of ways to make her more beautiful. It’s not hard to design once you are inspired, but it does take some time to create a couture collection (6 months or more). It is time consuming work, but I breath fashion and making clothes that are unique and elegant is all I want to do!

Ekta Singh

My question to Ekta Singh: Can you tell us a little bit about your color selection and fabric choices?

Answer: Following the Fall/Winter trend forecast, I decided to use modern cuts in rich fabrics, such as velvets and chiffons, and embellish them with vintage style embroideries, giving the collection an old world feel with a contemporary touch. I used colors of the season, which are electric blues, hot pink with purple hues, black, and other basic jewel tones.


My question to HSY: Your collection was somewhat traditional to Pakstani style. Do you feel that your clothing should stay in it’s roots?

Answer: Not necessarily. However, this collection was dedicated to my grandmother. I wanted to honor her memory by bringing some elements of traditional Pakistani design, but there are modern touches to the designs, such as the men’s over coats and suits. The colors are earthier and muted this season as a reflection of the Fall/Winter season. I used soft velvets and embellished the garments with detailed embroideries, mixing the past and the present in the design.

Day four was so fabulous. I am writing down everything I want in each collection right now! So, if you want to strut your stuff in one of these designer pieces, than you better get your orders in quick!

And don’t for get to “Tell’m I told you!”

Tc, Nia B
Dubai's It Girl


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