Saturday, April 10, 2010

Move Over Galliano...Amato by Furne One is Here! Day 5 DFW A/W 2010

The Brilliant AMATO Collection
 by Furne One

I decided to dedicate a separate post to designer Furne One for you all to see. The haute couture line AMATO, presented on the final day of Dubai Fashon Week, was absolutely breath taking! The collection should have been the grand finale of Dubai Fashion week, if you ask me. Words can not give this collection enough justice to how spectacular it all was, so I will just let you experience it for yourselves!

All  photos by Bruce Strickland

My question to Furne One: What was the inspiration behind the A/W 2010 AMATO collection, and please tell us about the “caging” on your gowns?

Answer: I was inspired by the movie Merlin, which is a story about King Author. My favorite characters in the movie were the Night in armor and Vivian, The day of the Water. During the Dark Ages, the clothes were very heavy and masculine. I decided to soften the collection by balancing the masculinity with fabrics, such as toile and organza, and I used a lot of pale soft shades to represent Fall/Winter.

The caging process you see on my gowns is not difficult to construct. At the end of the day, it is all about getting the proportions right.

There you have it!  Dubai Fashion Week A/W 2010 was the best thus far.  I know next season will be even better.  Until them share your comments and don't forget to
"Tell'm I told you!"

Nia B
Dubai's It Girl


Polina ,Julia ,Nastia said...

oh,it's so nice)
i and my sister are in Dubai now,and here's raelly wonderful)))

M O Z A said...

the gowns are interesting and Lady GaGa-ish

Nia B said...

Your right M O Z A...I kinda felt the Lady Gaga vibe with Furne One's collection as well.

RAL said...

This is lovely! Love the details of the gowns itself...but the overall styling was different...=)

Anonymous said...

Wow....this designer almost has MCQ elements to the presentation in the designs.

Maricel P said...

I absolutely love this collection! Gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

what a freaking RIP OFF! Can't you say McQueen rehash! Somewhere in the grave, Alexander Lee is rolling in his grave!