Sunday, April 4, 2010

Front Row at Dubai Fashion Week A/W 2010: Day One

Hot of the press! Today is the first day of Dubai Fashion Week A/W 2010, and I am so excited to be part of it. This season, I plan on reporting directly after each designer's runway show that I attend. They may not be in order of appearance, but you still will get an all exclusive inside look from me...Dubai's It Girl!

Hajra Hayat
Hajra Hayat is one of Pakistan's premier female fashion designers.
Her collection is also colorful and the beaded embrodery work is incredible!

The entire line can be worn by any woman in the world!
You definately will feel and look beautiful in Hajra Hayats A/W 2010 collection

My question to Hajra: How did you incorporate modern desing into your colleciton?
Answer: Of course, I always want to bring tradition to my designs. However it is very important to include some touches of modern design for my international clients. With this collection, I incorporated a touch of fusion, as well as contemporary design.

Amal Murad
A native of Dubai, Amal Murad wowed us with the most stunning Abayas!

This season, Amal decided to add whimsy to her designs with plaid fabric and large sequence bows.

I love the abaya with the large flower belt.

My question to Amal Murad: The Abaya is considered a traditional dress in the Gulf. Why do you feel it is important to implement contemporary elements to what is concidered women's traditional attire?

Answer: I like to combine the traditional Abaya design with the latest trends in Fashion. It is very important that our youth stay connect and proud of their heritiage. It is okay to be trendy in design and still stick with your identity.

View Amal's Collection below.

MIMI Fashion Designs
by Mariam Al Mazro
This season, the MIMI collection is inspired by Alice in Wonderland.

Mariam Al Mazro mixed silk floral patterns with geometric prints that were
 eclectically assembled.
I love the way this line made me feel like I was in a fairy tale.

My Quesiton to Mariam Al Mazro: I am interested in your choice of fabric selections. What is the process by which you choose the fabric combinations?

Answer: I still have not started to create my own fabric prints yet. However, I do plan on doing that in the future. My inspiration for this collection was Alice in Wonderland. I used pastels and mixed them with fabrics that inspired me.

View Mariam's Collection below.

D. A. S.
By Reem and Hind Beljafla
D.A.S. is one of my favorite collections, by far, this season.

The Beljafla sister’s trade make use of color blocking adds another dimension
 to Abaya design.
I love the fact that the collection includes casual to evening wear.

My Question to Hind Beljafla: The draping and the use of big bows reminded me of a 1950’s movie starlet. What was you inspiration behind the A/W collection?

Answer: We did a lot of research studying the latest trends around the world. That is why we decided to use new materials, such as metal studs and leather, and add them to our modern designs.

View Reem and Hind's Collection below.

Andres Aquino
Beautiful colors and exquisite pleating, added detail and drama to this
New York based designer's collection.
Andre Aquino’s gowns are very dramatic.

I fell head over heals for this gown, which I call the “Layered Cake Dress.”

My question to Andre Aquino: I understand that you have an extensive background in theater in New York. How much of that theater background played a part in your Autumn/Winter 2010 collection?

Answer: My theater background played a lot into my designs. I think women are dramatic in the way they walk, speak, and express themselves. I create clothes for may different types of women because every woman is different. Not one woman is the same, so the clothing should reflect their personality, like a characters on stage.

View Andre's Collection below.

So there you have it...Day one of DFW A/W 2010! I hope you like the designer's runway photos  in this post, as well as the interview Q&A.
Leave any comments, and don't forget to "Tell'm I told you!"

Nia B
Dubais' It Girl


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