Wednesday, April 14, 2010

"Ugly" is Subjective

* Please READ the entire post, so that you can understand what I am trying to get across!

Is this ugly?
Vogue Italia Steven Meisel Couture

What about this?
  Vogue Modern Art: Wildes Spiel/Wild Play photo shoot January 2009.
Photos: Alexi Lubomirski/Set Design: Mark Chandler for Art Department
Fashion Editors:Christiane Arp and Nicola Knels.

How about this one...Is this ugly?
Fashion editorial: Lara Fiction Noire/Model: Lara Stone, Doug Porter, Travis Hanson +Unknown/Photographer: Steven Klein/Stylist: Marie-Amelie Sauve

What do you really think...Ugly?
Model Jarek as the Jokerfor Qvest MagazineEditorial: We Two Are One/Styling: Andrzej Sobolewski
Hair: Kacper Raczkowski/Make up: Wilson/Photography: Zuza Krajewska and Bartek Wieczorek

Ugly or not?
 Photographer: Gabriel Hennessey. Fashion Editor: Maurice Munteanu.
 Model: Sorana/ MRA Model. Stella McCartney dress,
YSL belt, Marni platforms and necklaces.

 Ugly...yes or no?
Hard rock - Elle Romania/Photographer: Ionut Staicu. Stylist: Marian Palie.

What is considered ugly? Fashion is art and art is en expression of individuality, which is an exploration of subjective insight into what is considered to be beautiful or in some cases, “ugly.” In other words, what might be ugly to you might be beautiful to someone else.

Is there a right or wrong involved in this subject? I say, “NO!” It is what it “is”, and that is just fine with me. Who, am I to judge someone’s interpretation of individual expression and call it "ugly"? Most of us are who we are, and wear what we wear because we are either told to “be” it or told to “wear” it. I prefer to make my own decisions to like what I want to like; love who and what I want to love; and be who I want to be! Judgment is simple…Fashion is not! So let’s all try to be in the fashion of freedom because freedom is BLISS!

Until the next sermon…umm…I mean post…
”Tell’m I told you!”

Nia B
Dubai’s it Girl


ali said...

1st pic YES
2nd NO
3rd NO
4th YES
5th YES

Nia B said...

Thanks ali for your personal opinion, but the question was actually ritorical. It's not about if it's ugly or's about freedom of expression.

Tc, Nia B

Nia B said...


Fashion, Art and other fancies said...

I am attracted to the oddness and strangeness in beauty and art. Am not sure about the "Ugly" - not very keen on that word by the way. xx

Mop Top Maven said...

I agree with your stance, freedom is bliss. And when it comes to art, and things that can be interpreted; I feel that the use of "ugly" is subjective.

For the record, I loved all the pics :-d

Anonymous said...

thank you nia for posting this...i dont think a lot of people appreciate or know what fashion is all about. its very personal to you and me and for everyone else around us...its how we express ourselves! =D im with you girl! misyah ♥

Tala Elle Samman said...

great post!

Tala Samman

Front Row Mode said...

whether you agree or absolutely disagree. Because you must remember fashion design is art, what may be a complete mess in ours or your eyes may be a masterpiece in someone else’s.


Polina ,Julia ,Nastia said...

i agree with u)
we have a new post,please commented)

ANNA DE LEON said...

beauty is subjective, i think we just need to learn to respect the choices of other people :) too bad not a lot of people do that. Great post :)

Style Eyes said...

Definitely agree 'beauty is in the eye of the beholder'.Ugly, beautiful, good, bad, all subjective and opinions. We all see things through different eyes and each of us has our own unique tastes which have been influenced by so many things including culture, experiences and just who we are.

Fashion and style is definitely art. Everyone is entitled to there opinion but shouldn't it be 'I think that is ugly'/ 'I find that ugly' rather than 'that is ugly'

Nia B said...

Wow! I really love all of you comments. I didn't think this post would bring so many opinions as it did. I am glad that you all are passionate about freedom of expression. I decided to write this post because I over heard a small group at DFW commenting on a designers work. The word "ugly" was spoken, and I thought, "Who are they to judge the vision of someone else?" I find beauty in being different. I don't have to love what you may love in fashion, but I respect it. Sorry if the word "ugly" offended anyone.

I think Style Eyes said it the best, with her comment below.

Thanks for your comments everyone.

Tc, Nia B
Dubai's It Girl


very nice

Sara said...

By not being allowed to state your opinion of a design or outfit being ugly, aren't you depriving someone of their freedom of expression? I mean, gosh, I come across a LOT of awful outfits in the malls here in Dubai, and it's my right to say whether they're ugly or not - but will those people care about my opinion? Thought so. So you see, whether or not the public finds something ugly or not, it's their view and nothing's going to change.

Nia B said...

Thanks for all of your comments. Everyone has an opinion and everyone deserves to be heard, even if we don't understand each other’s point of view or agree to disagree. I don't like feeling attacked (and neither does anyone else), but I can appreciate the passion that has come out of this topic.

Food for thought: "Respect is a gift of courtesy, but taken away if it is lost in assumptions." Quote by my mom, Stephanie English-Strickland.

Sara said...

Well said, thank you. Oh and Nia, I'd love to see more photos of your style on here - just a small suggestion.

Nia B said...

Thanks Sara. I will try to do my best to include more of my own style on the blog.

Tc, Nia B