Thursday, April 22, 2010

Riddle: What do DIA and Desert Fish have in common?

The Answer is....Dubai's It Girl, Nia B...That's Me!

Model in photo above: Yours Truly, Nia B-Dubai's It Girl

This has been an amazing week for me! You wont believe it, but I was asked to be a regular contributing blogger for DIA East of Fashion Online Magazine (, which is an online lifestyle magazine geared towards all that is fashion, design, art and culture coming out of the Middle East. How exciting is that! I am so honored, and I want to thank Alex Aubry (Editor at Large for DIA) for allowing me to become part of the DIA Magazine team.

More about DIA Magazine below:

Dia Magazine is a borderless urban guide to a region that is not defined by geography as much at is by a collective desire to broaden the frontiers of contemporary fashion, design and art. Through the eyes of independent and creative fashion and design personalities, we give insight into their underground world. From practical tips on where to eat and what to wear, to current developments in the art and design scene – we aim to offer our readers an alternative to mainstream trends covering contemporary culture in the most exciting cities in the world.

Okay…so it gets better! I was also contacted by Desert Fish Magazine and asked to be a columnist for their publication! Am I dreaming or what?! I am only 18 years old, and I never imagined that I would receive these type of opportunities due to my blog and my obsession with fashion! Go figure! I just goes to show you, that you can enjoy working on something that your passionate about an actually be happy doing what you love. So, to all you bloggers out there…listen up─you keep on blogging and sharing your passions with the world because someone “is” listening to YOU!

More about Desert Fish Below:


I would like to once again thank my readers for their support and comments. Keep’m coming and don’t forget to
“Tell’m I told you!”

Nia B
Dubai's It Girl


MsHark said...

what an honor!

Nia B said...

Thanks MsHark.

sayablack said...

and what a beautiful your picture!
I really love the first photo.

Nicole Jarecz said...

congrats! great blog :) xxnicole

the freelancer's fashionblog said...

COngrats :)

Interesting editorial pics there too.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Go you!

vicen said...

Congratulations, you deserve it, hope you are well, you understand fashion.

Bombchell said...

Oh my wow!!! how cool!!!