Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Fashion Designer Contest

If you love fashion and design, and think that you were “Born to Be” the next big thing in the fashion world, then there is no reason why you shouldn’t enter this exciting contest! Maybelline and DAS are not only giving the lucky winner $10,000 to jumpstart their fashion career, but the winner will also get a chance to intern for the UAE label, DAS. How phenomenal is that! I wish I could enter, but my drawing skills are a bit nonexistent…LOL.

Good luck to you all, who decide to enter. I look forward to wearing one of your fabulous creations some day! xoxo

Apply at www.maybellineborntobe.com  from March 15th, 2010


7ind Bel said...

cant wait to start , will keep you updated

Dubai's it girl said...

Thanks 7ind Bel. I would love to see what your designs will look like. Good luck!