Sunday, March 28, 2010

OMGosh...So Much To Tell You!

OMGosh…I have so much to tell you!
First of all, today has been a ridiculously busy day! Between responding
back to emails, replying to request, blogging, getting my looks together for Dubai
Fashion Week, attending events, shopping, blogging, and creating a site
for my new”Dubai’s it Girl” Shop…I have had no time to eat, rest or play!
And boy…do I have news for you!!!
Let’s start with my fashion buys of the day: I found these killer thigh high black
boots at Forever 21 for such a great price. Luckily, I found them the day they
arrived…and good thing because the boots where half gone by the time I made
it to the register.

The Italian brand, Ice Watch, launched its line of fabulous watches this past week.
I want one in every color, but for now I’ll start with pink! Dubaians can find these
chic time tickers at the New City Center, in Mirdif.

The Ice Watch comes in colorful innovative designed boxes, which functions as a
piggy bank (once the watch is taken out) to save money for the next watch purchase.
How cool is that!

This vintage looking sheer dress was also purchased at Forever 21, but don’t get
used to the way it looks now because I have big plans to alter this little black dress.
Stay tuned!

I usually don’t post about the things I wear under my clothes, but I had to show you
this lacey bra and panty set that I could not pass up! I bought this very feminine
ensemble from a boutique called Bendon Lingerie. Sorry fellas... photos of me 
wearing this are not permitted! lol

The Dubai’s It Girl Shop is launching in a few days! Get ready to shop!

Here is a sneak peek of two of the dresses I will be selling. Cute, right?!
These are the hanging mannequins that I use to take the photos of my clothes in.
I just thought this was a really cool picture, so I wanted to share it with you.

There is so much more to tell you, but I will end the post with this: Yours truly
is the official spokes-blogger for MTV’s international show “MY SUPER SWEET” in
Dubai! Yes ladies and Gents…My Super Sweet Sixteen’s (up to age 21) producers
 are looking for candidates in the UAE, who what their special over the top birthday
party to be on National TV─or even better, MTV-UK ! How exciting it that?!
I will post more about this soon, but for's time to take a much
needed blogger break!
Information is as follows:
Please email for an application form.

Until tomorrow...
Nia B
PS: Don't forget to "Tell'm I told you!"


Margaret said...

LOVED reading this post!
you look absolutely stunning in that shot :)
so much exciting stuff on this blog
love it!
stop by some time xx

Senorita Fashionista said...

You have a wonderful blog! Good luck on al of your ventures!

The-LifeStyleBlog said...

Loving the MAJOR moves...for real!!!

"Yea Nia...LOL'ss at 'taste d rainbow'"

Taking a sec to clear my throat and to tap the mic...testing no 1, 2.....applause to the MTV new sweet 16 spoken girl. Smiles aside....Now wondering if i will get to see Dubai version of Sweet 16,hmmmm. Also, good move on the store...have mines in works along with the paper work...sigh.

Going to commercial break now....

D W JazzLover said...

Great Post Nia, see you at DFW.

Férociouslista said...

the langerie is gorgeous.

to the comment on my post:

I heard he has a boyfriend
and I have this gaydar that just tells me that he is 100% gay hahaha.

and the female model she is half Japanese half brazilian. ugh if you check most of brazilians are so beautiful..

noella said...

woow i always thought it would be cool to bring SuperSweet16 to Dubai!!
and congrats on the shop.. cant wait to see it!!

M. and O. said...

I love the shoes, dresses and watches! Woaw!!

(News on

Kim said...

I love the watch cases! They are so cute, and functional. You also look amazing in that photo!

Silvia Couture said...

picture of the hanging mannequins is awesome


Anonymous said...