Friday, November 20, 2009

R.I.P. Daul Kim


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"Korean model Daul Kim, 20, was found dead in Paris this morning, NY Mag's The Cut reports. Her cause of death has not yet been confirmed, but sources told the magazine she had committed suicide." So Sad!

We still don't know why this beautiful supermodel is dead, however we will remember her for all the beauty she brought to this world while alive. Suiside is never the answer...there is always a solution to every problem, but we will never really know "why" if this is the truth in Daul's case. She will be greatly missed!

Some of the last Blog thoughts of Daul:
"how can you be smart
when its love
i already accepted that i relate to nothing
past is heavy but past is past and
i can only try to understand
too much self importance
luxury of time
perhaps just series of bad events which were only beautiful
the irony
the facade we put on
penetrating time.
but not egoism.
it is relative but different.
i just know
the more i gain
the more lonely it is
but when people grow together
its something that is not easy but is nice
and that is something,
staying relative is hard
staying honest is hard
i know i'm like a ghost
i have nothing
but myself
and potential, to me is the question of will
thats why i am present to you"
posted by daul at 7:34 AM November 5th 2009


D W JazzLover said...

The poem says a lot,how many will understand.
Wow the need for love is so Fragile .

D W JazzLover said...

Hi Sugah, Last night's Models night went very well, you were the only thing missing..
Reading the poem that Daul Kim wrote went straight to my heart...She was a lot deeper than her Beauty and I don't think anyone noticed at all!
I am new to the fashion World at this level but I am starting to see how easy it is for a beautiful soul to get lost..
It is really heart breaking..
Maybe we can start a place where models can feel free to talk to someone who understand.
Maybe a models online talk space that is safe...This thought is running through my mind!!!
We have to do something,!!! It is truly sad to lose such a beautiful soul..