Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Dubai's It Girl 2009 Holiday "Must-Have" Picks Features-Kanzi!

Hello everyone! The holiday season is upon us, and now is the time to shop for that perfect holiday frock! Over the next few weeks, I will be featuring my picks of “Must Have” holiday clothing/items from local designers in and around the UAE. The UAE/Gulf is filled with so many talented designers, and it’s time that the rest of the world be introduced to these fabulous talented designers that we know and love…don’t you think!

*Please note: The order of my picks does not reflect any preference of any kind. All featured designers are all fabulous and deserve to be on the Dubai’s It Girl “Must-Have” holiday list!

First Featured Designer on the Dubai’s It Girl “Must-Have” List is…Kanzi!

If you love wearing abayas or jalabiyas, then you will definitely love the creations by Kanzi.
Established in 2008 by Sheikha Amal Al Maktoum and Raghda Taryam, Kanzi, designs exclusive abayas, jalabiyas, evening wear and custom made wedding dresses. Meaning “my treasure” in Arabic, Kanzi symbolizes style and luxury. This highly successful brand was setup under Ruwad, a government entity that supports young businesses in the emirate of Sharjah.

On November 25, 2009, Kanzi showcased two beautiful shimmering Swarovski encrusted designs at the exclusive Saks Fifth Avenue’s ‘Snowflake Spectacular’ event.

The stunning royal blue jalabiya is made of chiffon and silk, boasting various shades of Swarovski crystals from light sapphire to silver satin. The exquisite abaya is made from a blend of silks, featuring complete crystallized shoulders of different shades and shapes of Swarovski crystals, including cosmic and galactic oval. Unique black leggings, also encrusted with different shapes of crystal, complete the look of the abaya.

Their collection is currently stocked at the Kanzi boutique, Sharjah, and Saks 5th Avenue Dubai and Bahrain.
For Kanzi purchase enquires or details please contact:
Kanzi Boutique
Catherine Teodoro
Telephone: 06-5441118
Fax: 06-5441119


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