Thursday, December 10, 2009

I'm Back with a Bang-Featuring Me in VIVA Magazine Dec 09 Issue

You all have no idea what I’ve been going through to finally start blogging again! Well, the HTML mess of it all is over, and I am back with a bang! LOL

This month I was featured in VIVA magazine (on the last page) as the December’s “Girl About Town.” I am so excited about this because this will invite new readers to my blog, (I hope), even though they forgot to mention the blog web address. I guess you can’t have it all, all the time! I’m just happy to have made it on the pages of VIVA. Make sure you guys pick one up. The issue has a lot of cool stuff in it for everyone to get inspired for the holiday party season. Let me know what you think…and HAPPY HOLIDAYS! xoxo


unstoppablestyle said...

you should have more comments, because your blog is awesome! love it. you're so stylish. check out my blog sometime if you're bored. lol

ANNA DE LEON said...

lovbe your outfit here :)

betz said...

you looks fab!! great blog!

Dubai's it girl said...

Thanks everyone for your kind comments!

Katarzyna said...

Hi. I'm from Poland and I feel lucky that I have found your very nice blog! I have this "Viva" issue when saw you page before discovering your blog - and I must admit you have your own unique and great style! Love it. Yeah... And just keep your dreams alive!

One point. I spent one great day in Dubai on 26th December 2009. I did grab "Viva" from my Emirates lounge in the airport. So now I have it in Poland :)

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