Monday, May 3, 2010

In Memory of...A Fashionable Cause to Help

In Memeory of...

Today, I received an email from a reader who lost his sister last year to a senseless accident in the UAE, asking me to inform my readers/follower about his petition to remove something as simple as a U-turn sign, which can save lives. Although I focus on fashion, I do have an obligation to my readers to listen to their ideas, opinions or what ever they feel is important. I believe this subject should be addressed, and it is appropriate for me to inform all of you about the dangers on the roads that kill innocent people─ traffic accidents being one of the main causes of death in the United Arab Emirates.

Here is what happened: Suraya was on her way to the last day of class at her University, when a driver made an illegal U-turn resulting in the death of this young and beautiful aspiring fashion designer. Shockingly enough, this was not the first time that someone had been killed at the same intersection for the same reason.The crash could have been prevented by blocking the lanes which could prevent these reckless drivers from jeopardize the lives of many other innocent people. Thus, a petition was created to close down the u-turn on E11 in the emirate of Ras Al Khaimah, UAE.

Silent by Steven Meisel (Vogue Italy, August 2008)
None of these photos are meant to harm anyone or be insensative to the lose of a loved one. I chose this pictorial composition to bring on an enlightened emotion to the subject at hand. Although the photos are shockingly beautiful, the reality of a senseless death caused by reckless driving and/or drivers is not!

The UAE has so many deaths from traffic accidents, and the numbers of fatalities just keep rising. WE can help by simply going to and sign the petition.

Please read carefully ( and make a difference─don’t forget to
“Tell’m I told you!”
Nia B
Dubai’s It Girl


MsHark said...

Of course I will sign the petition! Its a good cause, and how tragic for your friend and his family. :(


Burqaface said...

This is so sad...they should fix the problem knowing that the same accident keeps happening and people are dying...i signed the petition and will definitely ask others to

Nia B said...

Thank you both!

Anonymous said...

Will sign but getting problems now so will try back later.

ladydesign said...

My dearest cousin in his 20s passed away bcz if this road from 10 yrs ago. I would be more than happy to sign

also I know many girls passed away while they go to work bcz of this

the thing that I DON'T understand Why they didn't do something why they ignore it till now!?
Wat r they waiting for? More death? They like it?

Coco and Zaahb said...

Im totally going to sign it!


Shanz said...

First of all thanks Nia for the post and spreading awareness. I just got to know about this post.

@ladydesign I feel for your loss. This road has second highest death rate per km in UAE. the authorities passed verdict that it was my sister's fault and she suicided and closed the case.

I am fighting on three fronts - to overturn the verdict, close u-turns and spread awareness (

I am soon to meet head of traffic of RAK and hopefully Sheikh of RAK to press and take action.