Sunday, May 23, 2010

Stuck in New York Couture!

Featured Photographer Extraordinaire
Erwin Olaf

"New York Times Couture"
When I first came across these photos I was completely blown away. I knew there was something special about this photographer. Each photo was stunning and the graphic effects were very creative and ingenious! Just take a look for yourselves below:

About Edwin Olaf:
Born in Hilversum in the Netherlands in 1959, Erwin Olaf lives and works in Amsterdam since the early 80's. His current studio is situated in a former church hall. Over the years many of Olaf's work have provoked controversy. Not surprisingly, this ability to attract attention has seen his work embraced by the advertising world, resulting in commercials for Lavazza, BMW, Microsoft and Nintendo among many others. Lately Erwin is frequently shooting in commission for magazines such as The New York Times Magazine, The Sunday Times Magazine, Elle and Citizen K.

In 1999 his worldwide campaign for Diesel Jeans won him the coveted Silver Lion at the Festival for Advertising in Cannes. He was awarded the same prize two years later for his imagery produced for Heineken. Among numerous other international art and media prizes, in 2006 he was awarded Photographer of the Year in the International Color Awards. In 2007 Kunstbeeld magazine chose him Artist of the Year of the Netherlands. Recently he received a Lucie Award for his entire oeuvre.
(Biography courtesy of

What do you think of Edwin Olaf's work? Would you like to see more of his fabulous photos?  I think he is one of the most cutting edge photographers of the 21st century.  If you agree or disagree, or would like to share with me the name of your favorite photographer?  You know I always love to read what you have to say, so leave a comment and don't forget to
"Tell'm I told you!"

Nia B
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shoeless simone said...

Wow, that is insanely cool and so creative. Love it!

-Shoeless Simone

Becca. said...

gorgeous. love every photo!
and a blog magazine nia?!
you can feature me if you like ;)


Krimly said...

I really love all these photos!
and the boots from second pic are amazing!! :)



amazing effect...great work...fantastic photos

Jessica said...

incredibly stunning photos ! i am 'googling' him right now : )

Creme de la Femme said...

Very creative!

Encourage and Uplift said...


Mabel and Zora said...

We love your photos. The house that the photos were shot is beautiful.

vicen said...

Hi Nia, these photos are impressive, demonstrating the creativity of people, it really is pure imagination.

Sarah M said...

wow these photos are absolutely stunning....and so thought provoking! i love them! thanks for sharing! :)

-The Outfit Maker

ps.totally following you..hope u check out my blog as well!

ellesappelle said...

oooh insane. never seen anything like it!

Anonymous said...

totally agree,
those pics are awesome!

Castor Pollux
p.s care for link exchange? let me know ;)

Anonymous said...

Creatively that's awesome, though something about the clear comparison of women to inanimate objects really creeps me out.

CW said...

Absolutely incredible images. A real mix of futuristic with some classically romantic dresses.

Anonymous said...

Wow ! This is just mesmerizing.


Christine said...

Hey I really love your blog, it's funky and cool and of course fashionable! :)

Kim said...

interesting editorial. thanks for sharing!

jelita78 said...

hi NIA !!
i was blog-hopping and found this!
awesome blog and i love your take on fashion!
you definitely got talent and will go far!
keep up the updates!
will come back soon!

Anonymous said...

this is awesome

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Koshy said...

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Miriam said...

Amazing - I became an absolute fashion blog freak in the last few weeks. Got to get back to work sometimes ;-)
Really love this one

greets Mia

Falaxy said...

wow! so inspiring and a little creepy which makes it more interesting! i like how the clothes dont get lost in the pictures and you can actually see them : )
thanks for sharing!

Alice said...

Incredible and mind-blowing pictures! Enjoyed looking at them. NY Times Couture really kick it up a notch and Erwin Olaf is a talented photographer.

the gorgeous said...

wooooow! that's amazing! looove it! the scenery is perfect and those patters are insane!

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Shabana said...

those photos really are something else! now following. check out my blo

Best Hair Wax said...

These pictures are lovely! Whoever styled the hair of these models is awesome! All of the pictures turned out very beautiful and very interesting! Thank you for sharing all of these beautiful photos. :)

//LOLI said...

Adore the texture of these images, so eccentrically beautiful x

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