Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The New Hippie: Me, Lamis and Kage

Definition of a Hippie
Someone who rejects the established culture; advocates extreme liberalism in politics and lifestyle.

If fashion could be defined by one word, that word would be “liberating.” The New Hippie look is definitely a testament to the liberal style in which we all express ourselves today by wearing what makes us feel good. Although this style is no longer a fashion statement of rebellion, it does continue to maintain the ideal behind the freedom of outward expression. The New Hippie style is definitely on the polar side of formal wear, however it can be dressed up or down, depending on what accessories is pair with it.

My Hippie Style
Scarf: The Gap/ T-Shirt: Zara/Shorts and tights: Forever 21
Model: Nia B/Photographer: Martin Von Den Driesch
T-shirt: Berskha/vest: Zara/ Check Pants Top Shop
Model: Nia B/Photographer: Martin Von Den Driesch
Short sleeve hoodie: Stradivarious/Black shorts Calvin Klein/Shoes:Nine West
Model: Nia B/Photographer: Martin Von Den Driesch
Everything is from Dragon Mart in Dubai/hat was borrowed from actress/model Daisy Reyez
Model: Nia B/Photographer: Chris Cumberlin
My Fashion Designer Picks 

Lamis Khamis 2010 Collection
Lamis Khamis is stocked at all Tiger Lily outlets across the UAE

KAGE Collection S/S2010
The main KAGE collection can now be found at Boutique 1 in Dubai, the trendy Kitsch boutique in Beirut, The Art of Living in Riyadh and online at and KAGE’s Tanks and Tees
collection can be found at O’de Rose and Boom and Mellow in Dubai and online at

The New Hippie look is very youthful and free, and I love dressing in outfits which reflect this style. What is your definition of the New Hippie style?
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Nia B
Dubai’s It Girl


Kim said...

love the top pics

Bombchell said...

fav pic : the one in the white dress, where u have the hat off: Gorgeous!!

D W JazzLover said...

You in the white dress is beautiful..

lamia said...

my favourite one is the third!!! that shirt is great!!


Amazing post!

inked said...

Love all the looks

ANGELA said...

How cool!

The Red Angel said...

Wow, you are really photogenic! Love your pictures, especially the first one because your hair is blowing at such a perfect angle!
I really like the 2nd outfit and 4th outfit. The red pants and white dress are both so chic!
TO be honest I didn't really think any of the fashion designer picks reminded me of a hippie style, except for perhaps the 3rd photo. =/
I'm a new follower and am loving your blog already!! Can't wait to see more. :)



amazing photos
thanks for posting
p.s i'm so happy to be a hippie lol

Front Row Mode said...

You look stunning in all of them

Great Post


Krimly said...

you're so pretty!! how can you live in Dubai and go to college to Paris? do you take a plane everyday?? ;P

butz fuentes said...

nice nia...keep fierce always...


KONICHIWA! said...

Very pretty photos <3
Check out this facebook store they have hippie bracelets:

KONICHIWA! said...

Very pretty photos <3
Check out this facebook store they have hippie bracelets:

Anonymous said...

This is just awesome.


Anonymous said...

My fav is the third and fourth. You rock.


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