Saturday, May 22, 2010

Stiletto Wars


Who will be crowned the $300 billion dollar  winner of the luxury goods industry's shoe category in the Gulf? With that kind of profit at stake, it's no wonder the world's two most famous shoe designers are battling it out to be the top seller in the Gulf region. I must admit that I am head over heels for Jimmy Choo shoe creations, but I absolutely go gaga for a pair of Louboutins. Who would you choose to be the winner of the stiletto battle?

The Classic Black Sandal

1. Jimmy Choo: The Black Leather sandal's design is sleek and modern.  
2. Christian Louboutin:  I can't help but love this patent leather sandal with the CL signature red sole!

The Ancle Lace Sandal

1. Jimmy Choo:  I love the metallic touch of purple in this Jimmy Choo lace sandal. 
2. Christian Louboutin: The Louboutin Ankle Lace snake skin sandal is to die for!

The Slingback
1. Jimmy Choo                   2.Christian Louboutin
It is hard to choose between these to silver slingback designs. I love them both, but do prefer the height on the Louboutin sling back.

The Ankle Boot

1. Jimmy Choo: The JC wax suede ankle boot is brilliantly designed with the silver buckles and zipper.
2. Christian Louboutin: This platform caged ankle boot is chic, sexy and perfect to wear in Dubai for the Fall.

The Wedge Espadrille
1. Jimmy Choo:  I love this wedge so much!  It is so cute and girly.
2. Christian Louboutin: Great shoe for the spring /summer season...right?!

The Flat
1. Jimmy Choo: This whimsical flat is sweet and edgy at the same time. Love it!
2. Christian Louboutin: Metallic’s are so popular this season, and you can't go wrong with silver!

Now it's your chance to choose.  Who is your favorite...Choo or Louboutin?  Cast your votes by leaving me a comment, and don't forget to
"Tell'm I told you!"

Nia B
Dubai's It Girl!


Anonymous said...

Lou is a genius but I have to break my bank to afford a pair. Whereas Jimmy is less expensive, and I own three pairs that I love to death!

D W JazzLover said...

Good job Nia,

Anonymous said...

Good blog!. Very informative about the trends in the ME!.

Pigalle Passions

Meho M said...

Loubs wins for me hands down, and after owning my own pair i'll say it again and again he's a GENIUS!!

Great post!!

Meho xx

Anonymous said...

Honestly none off them say it for me...Loubs are painfull and u can barely walk in them...I have a few pairs so i know..:)and the Choos well what can i say they don't look real..:-P..and i own a couple of them too....
with all the new designers out there..who wants a Choo or a Loub??
T xx

Anonymous said...

Wow ! Love the classic.


Anonymous said...

Honestly there is no competition between the two nor is there any real comparison.
It also depends on ones personal taste and life style.
Yes Jimmy Choo is less expensive, therefore, they are two different markets if u ask me.

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Alice said...

When I chose and tallied, Louboutin and Choo all got 3 votes each from me. But then, Jimmy Choo was the first to reach 3 votes, so... mine's


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