Friday, January 1, 2010



Well, 2010 has arrived, and it ended with a BIG surprise for me! I was chosen as one of 2009 Dubai’s Best Dressed in Grazia Magazine’s December 23, 2009- January 5th, 2010 issue. I can only hope to do it again in the future, but all thanks goes to my readers and all the fashionistas, designers, models, PR executives and magazine editors who helped me have a successful blog in 2009! I believe the UAE and the world, for that matter, will offer me more opportunities to blog about what's new the fashion arena of 2010. So, look out for more of the fabulous and the fashionable in “Dubai’s It Girl” this New Year!


D W JazzLover said...

Congratulations you earned it..

Dubai's it girl said...

Thanks Birdy. I miss you and Kalid. xoxo