Monday, January 11, 2010

Karama Adventure








All Photos taken by 77 Street Productions & Friends.

Make-up and styling done by Anna Deleon.

If you have never discovered the Karama Souk (shopping area) located in the Bur Dubai area, then you are definitely missing out on finding little treasures. They have a variety of souvenir stores tucked away on its colorful streets. You can also find and array of scarves, bags, shoes, jewelry, bedding and a plethora of restaurants and shawarma stands. I always find really nice things when I visit Karama. Maybe next time I’ll see you there! Until then…tell’m I told you! Xoxo
(Jumper is from H&M/shoes are Steve Madden/Tote Louie Vuitton /Black sequence vest f can be found at New Look.)


ANNA DE LEON said...

we will missss you nia! :) it was a blast!!!!

Denise said...

you're gorgeous!

I am Denise Katipunera

Khiraki said...

The pink jumper looks amazing on you!! and it looks good with the peach shawl. I love your photos- they've bought back my memories of dubai...i wish i could be there right now!!! England is freeeeezing and grey!

his hers said...

I'm so glad that I came across your blog. I've recently wanted to go to Dubai so I'll be looking forward to living vicariously through you.

augustalolita said...

great outfit!! love the pink on you!! and killer shoes!!

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, am I scaring you?

Miss Zuri said...

i love your blog/ def interested in a link exchange with you! Hope to hear from you soon

Fashion inspirations, styling & SO Much MORE:
Miss Z

Anonymous said...

btw, where exactly in karama do you shop?
i wanna go there but I have no idea where to start my shopping trip!!

Dubai's it girl said...

Karama has so many shops to discover. I usually go to the open shopping area/ by LuLu's. There are so many stores to go need a full day to shop!

Anonymous said...

Keep posting stuff like this i really like it

... said...

Why Dubi? thats a ambitious move, you need to keep me up to date with how fashion is developing there.

Yours Nathaniel

MISS GRAY said...


Lisa L.S said...

Found your blog through Anna De leon and Mahryska. I really like it! I've seen you on some of Mahriyas pictures so it's fun to see it from your side of the camera. :-)

Have a nice trip!

vicen said...

I love this look.
Can I put on my site?:
I hope not annoying.

Bashar Khan said...

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