Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Dubai Diva & The Upper Eastside Girl

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Salma Khan Dubai Fashion Week 2009

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Amir Adnan Dubai Fashion Week 2009

If you are a Dubai Diva with a New York Upper Eastside mentality like myself, then you will add at least one of these fabulous creations, by designers Salma Khan and Amir Adnan, to your closet!

Salma Khan’s flirty dresses remind me of something that Sara Jessica Parker’s TV character “Kerry” (Sex in The City) would wear while walking down the street shopping on Madison Avenue on a sunny day. I love the movement of the garment and the vintage inspired printed fabrics. All her designs are ultra chic and say, “I’m rich, stylish, and fabulous, and I don’t apologize for it!”

Amir Adnan, on the other hand, offers a Dubai Diva (or an Upper Eastside Girl) a more glamorous approach to “a night on the town.” Imagine yourself walking down the red carpet of the Dubai Film Festival, or entering a gala at the Museum of Natural History in New York wearing an Amir Adnan creation like the one shown above…you would be named one of the best dressed of the evening guaranteed!

I really do love these designers. I too hope to add their clothes to my growing closet.

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