Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Rock'in That Baby Phat!

YES! I had to post this. My friend and her gorgeous Baby Phat bag!! I love it! Its not too big, not too small, and best of all very fashionable, and you can wear it with almost anything!! I have a Baby Phat bag myself...and I must say... you can never go wrong with Baby Phat!!

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Anonymous said...

Hi it’s anonymous, I do like baby phat but I wouldn’t say u can’t go wrong with it because you can* definitely go wrong with it. I mean a lot of their stuff is really nice but at the same time it can look way to ghetto fabulous, or it could look like your carrying an anchor on your arm. In my opinion if your going to wear a baby phat bag make sure it’s the right one and goes* with your outfit. :)