Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Dragon Mart Value!

So…after looking at and showcasing Dubai Fashion Week’s high-end runway picks on my blog,
I though it would be creatively fun to take fashion to the other extreme of value.
Here is an outfit I bought and put together from Dubai’s own Dragon Mart in International City.
The dress cost 40 dirhams, the shoes were only 60 dirhams, the jewelry 35 dirhams and the hat was borrowed.
Total…AED135 (USD $37). How’s that for a bargain?! I was able to pick up three more dresses for less than 50 dirhams each with jewelry to match. If you would like to see the other dresses I found, just let me know.


Anonymous said...

Thats i what i love...Being Fashionable without the bang.

Chris Calumberan said...

:( no mention? chris..