Monday, April 27, 2009

New York City Shopping

One of my readers asked me if I knew of any places where she could shop in New York City and not brake the bank...well I had to think about it and came up with some places you all might be interested in if you ever visit my home town.

Great Districts to shop:
125st in Harlem, Chelsea, Soho, Greenwich Villiage, Lower Eastside, Chinatown, Canal Street, Delancy Street, Houston Street, The Essex Street Market, Fulton Street in Brooklyn, Atlantic Avenue in Brooklyn, 7th Avenue Park Slope in Brooklyn, Fordum Avenue in the Bronx, and Jamaica Avenue in Queens. (There are more.)
All of these locations are great for finding uniques boutiques and bargains.

Some list of stores:
2Blondes Boutique-upper eastside, INA-upper eastside or downtown, Sacco Shoes on Columbus Avenue at 75th Street, Giraudon Shoes on 8th Avenue in Chelsea, Tip Top Shoes on West 72nd Street-upper westside, Century 21, What Comes Around Goes Around (a popular vintage clothing store), Pink on 7th Avenue, No Relation Vintage, Beacons Closet, Buffalo Exchange, and c21 in Brooklyn to name a few!!!

I will be going to NYC for a few weeks this summer...Hope to see you there, and maybe we can shop together.

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noella said...

yaaaaaaay thaaanx aloooot!!
im suuuper excited to go now..cant wait for july to come! seems ill be bringing an extra or two empty suitcases with me :D :D
and it wud cool to meet up there