Thursday, March 12, 2009

Limited Edition M.A.C.

Kouture Compact
Hello Kitty Wild Look: "Too Dolly"

Too Dolly Make-up Palette
Hello Kitty Mild Look: "Paradisco"

M.A.C.'s limited-edition Hello Kitty make-up collection is for the "Bold & Beautiful" girl and not for the "faint at heart." I love the way the colors play off one another to create a dramatic but playful effect. My favorite look is the "Too Dolly,"which I will soon show you all how I look with it on. The Kouture Swarovski crystalized compacts are Lux to the max! What girl wouldn't be envied being seen pulling this out of their pocketbook?!

If you really really adore Hello Kitty, you'll love the Kimora Lee Simmons Hello Kitty jewelry collection made out of silver and real diamonds. These pieces and more are available to you at Ckeck it out.


ayet kitty said... it available in Dubai already?

Dubai's it girl said...

The makeup collection is availible in Dubai, but not the Hello Kitty Jewelry. You have to order online for that. Hey Thanks for the comments.