Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Kimora Lee wants to come to Dubai!

Baby Phat Fall Colllection/Sexy Glam & Denim Galour!

Baby Phat Spring 2009 Colleciton/Kimora and her two daughters

OK...when you think of Crazy Sexy Cool clothing, you have to think of Baby Phat! Everything about Kimora and what she designs is FABULOUS! I love the colors, the acid wash jeans, and youthfulness of both the Spring/Fall 2009 collection that screams "I AM HERE AND NO ONE CAN STOP ME!" Baby Phat does have stores located in Dubai malls, however there has yet to be a Baby Phat/KLM fashion show for us to see these creation up close and personal. So, my fashion peeps, if Kimora wants to come to Dubai, let us welcome her with open arms! Kimore, if you are listening...we are waiting for YOU to BRING it Girl!

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Anonymous said...

Hi there
Where are the Baby Phat stores in Dubai - I can't find any they all seem to have closed down ? There is Phat Farm but no Baby Phat , please let me know.

Thanks you.