Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Paris Hilton in Dubai!!




I love this top!!!



So...IV recently started to follow Paris Hilton on twitter. Yesterday Paris uploaded these cool pictures of her Clothing Line Collection which is now in Dubai!! Paris Hilton’s "fun, bright and flashy clothing" as she likes to describe it, is located in Wafi center at the Salam Store in Dubai. I love this collection! I think its FAB and I would definitely wear it! There’s already so much I want by just looking at the pictures! LOL... Paris is always keeping her followers on twitter updated with all the latest from her clothing line collection, as well as her shoe collection. If you have a twitter account, and would like to keep up with Paris Hilton's collections follow her @babygirlparis! :)


Life of Brian08 said...

Was just reading how she is/was partying it up in Dubai.

Sohyle said...

She loved Dubai!

mahryska said...

is she still here?! hehehe =D me blogging now too nia! check me out.

Sofiia said...

Oh cute clothes, btw im from finland:)